Team 1 -- grades 1 and 2

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AnchorPoint Christian School's Team 1 (grades 1 and 2) offers distinctively Christian programming focused on experiential learning in a nurturing Christian environment. The curriculum enables parents/guardians to provide their child(ren) with an education that has a strong academic foundation and a strong biblical foundation - teaching them to look at God's world with a Godly vision.

AnchorPoint core curriculum features a two-year cycle in Bible, science, and social studies. Math and language arts offer differentiated instruction for each learner during each of the two years. Our staff members teach the core curriculum; specialists integrate art, band, library, music, physical education, Spanish, speech, and technology, along with enrichment and encouragement sessions.


Using Christian Schools International materials, lessons focus on God's plan for his people and his promises to them. Christmas and Easter stories are covered both years.


Based on state standards, hands-on activities help students acknowledge and marvel at God's awesome creation.


Based on state standards, traveling through history helps students learn about God's faithfulness through the ages. They study our government to understand their role as Christians in God's world. Geography units help them navigate God's created world.


Students follow the Everyday Math curriculum. Concepts are introduced and expanded according to each learner's instructional needs. Key concepts are emphasized for the two years.


The Four Blocks Literacy Program is a balanced approach to teaching literacy that spreads language arts instruction over four different 30-45 minute blocks. Each block -- guided reading, writer's workshop, working with words, and self-selected reading -- allows the teacher to provide differentiated instruction according to each student's needs.

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