Pre-K - 6th

AnchorPoint students in Grades 1-6 are organized into Learning Community Teams.

            Team 1-     grades 1 and 2
            Team 2-     grades 3 and 4
            Team 3-     grades 5 and 6

Why Learning Community Teams?


Students are freed from traditional grade level expectations. When a student enters a classroom setting that is intentionally multi-age, the teacher expects students to function at multiple levels. Wherever a child is academically, he/she is accepted and challenged, no matter what the chronological age.


In traditional classrooms, a significant amount of time is absorbed at the beginning of the school year establishing class expectations and an atmosphere of academic rigor. In a multi-age community, students already familiar with expectations and patterns of operations can help others adjust. New learning occurs sooner.


New learning occurs at a deeper level when the learner has opportunities to explain to others what he/she has learned. Classroom community teams are guided by skilled teachers who understand the power of a multi-age learning environment that inspires creative problem solving and inquiry. They provide ample opportunities for students to verbalize new learning to classmates.


By purposefully structuring classes to include a span of ages, we build on the resulting diversity. In a group of children of different ages, competition is reduced and the atmosphere is generally collaborative. Students grouped in teams develop leadership skills, nurturing behaviors, and a sense of sharing. This stimulates a lifelong love of learning and passion for Christlike behavior. As an example, each AnchorPoint Team is matched with a preschool or kindergarten class. Learning and playing together, these "buddies" all achieve more, through the grace of God. One of our teachers says, "When older students read to my preschoolers, push them on the swings, and make them presents for Christmas, they model Christ's love."

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AnchorPoint inspires and educates our diverse community
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"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."
Hebrews 6:19

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